The best vegan sushi in London


We are happy to answer any questions you might have, so if there's something not listed here you would like to ask, please email us at or call 0203 062 6437.

Do you cater for allergens and dietary requirements?

All allergens are clearly marked at all times on the menu. For more specialised requests, the answer is yes we can cater for any dietary requirements, just let us know at least 48hrs in advance.

What's the difference between 123V Browns and 123V Studio Gauthier?

As we are an independent group of restaurants we believe we should offer something unique at all of our different places, both in food and 'vibe'. So, at 123V Browns we have pushed the sushi menu creatively to include several new dishes not yet available at Studio Gauthier. There is also some delicious salads and bowls. In terms of atmosphere, 123V Browns is slightly more refined and luxurious, perfect for a quiet lunch, dinner or casual entertaining.

Studio Gauthier is more relaxed, open plan and buzzy, lending itself to large groups, parties and events, and has more sumptuous booths and comfortable seating, so the menu reflects that. It's perfect for a fun bottomless sushi party, a large event, but also a superb value tasting menu dinner.

What is 'Garden Sushi'?

Garden Sushi is our interpretation of sushi, using 100% plants rather than any animal or fish ingredients. We believe all the flavours, textures and beauty of sushi can be found using the unlimited spectrum of natural plant ingredients found on planet earth. In fact, we are convinced that we have only begun to scratch the surface of what is possible.

What is the vegan tuna and salmon made from?

The vegan tuna is made from pressed tapioca starch, flaxseed oil and paprika, which we then marinade in a special blend of soy, nori and kelp seaweed. This gives it its detective sea like flavour.

What are the vegan prawns made from?

The vegan prawns are made from potato starch, kelp, wheat fibre and soy protein powder.

Can I order Bottomless sushi?

While Bottomless is not currently available at 123V Browns, it is always available at Studio Gauthier.

Can I use my old 123V Fenwick voucher at 123V Browns?

Yes, but the bottomless sushi is only at 123V Studio Gauthier currently.

What should I wear?

You can wear anything you like!

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, 123V Browns is a dog friendly restaurant.